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              網站首頁 關于我們 產品展示 新聞中心 在線留言 聯系我們 飛天云平臺
              Our products 產品展示
              Introduction of Radioactive Particle Implants 粒子植入治療簡介
              Products overview and system features 產品概述與系統特點
              Functions of planning system 計劃系統功能展示
              Company’s qualifications 企業資質
              Documents 白皮書

              Address(地址): Room 306, NET Building, Hong Jun Ying South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. 中國北京市朝陽區紅軍營南路甲一號NET大廈306室

              Telephone(電話): 010-84966987


              Fax(傳真): 010-84818007

              Postcode(郵編): 100101

              Phone(手機): 13601079913,17710946656

              E-mail(郵箱): 13601079913@139.com


              Website(網址): http://www.brittanydrabantphotography.com


                      Since its establishment on December 17, 1998, the company has had some experience development and commercialization of brachytherapy TPS. The Company attribute part of its success to the continued investment in and focus on R&D.

                      The Company believes that its mature and commercialized FTTPS has scaled the high entry barrier, setting it apart from competitors given the long R&D cycle of products in the industry. Through years of research, development, and consultation with third-party experts, the Company believes that its proprietary design concept cannot be easily replicated without years of research and experience.

                      The Company is devoted to developing products more suitable for national and local conditions and driving the progress of national products.




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